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Today Is (Printable)

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This printable is made for kids to focus on learning about days. After preparing the board (instructions below). You can place this in your hallway for your little one to change the day every morning before you go out to school or depending on what your routine is. 

The artwork has been prepared nicely on A4 paper to minimise waste. When buying this, you will get 2 versions, one in English and one in Bahasa Indonesia.


Bahasa Indonesia




  1. Download
    After checking out, you will receive an email with a link for your download
  2. Print + get supporting material
    You can print the sheets at home or you can do it online at your local print shop (I got mine delivered). They've all been set up on A4 paper so you can go ahead and print them. I'd recommend printing on 300gsm paper.
  3. Snip, snip
    Cut your boards and cards to size. Depending on your little ones' capability, you can include them in the making process.
  4. Laminate & cut to size
    (You can skip the laminating if you can't do it at home). Lay them out on laminating sheet and run it through the laminator! Cut them individually and round the edges. If you don't have the equipment you can completely skip this step and start using your cards
  5. Add adhesive
    I used velcro dots or you can use other things like blue tack, tape, etc to attach the cards to the board.

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