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FREEBIES: Newborn Black & White Visual Stimulation Library

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A beautiful set of images designed as visual stimulation for newborn - 1 year old is a perfect way to introduce shapes to your little one.

You can easily print these images on an A4 paper or any way you like. It's been designed in black and white because we know little ones respond well to contrast and opposing colours! You might notice when you wear stripy shirt, you're little one will be likely to drawn into it.

These illustrations are uniquely hand-drawn in Melbourne, Australia. You can also use the illustration as a beautiful piece of artwork in your nursery - as long as you're using it for personal use. Tag us on Instagram to share how you're using this free resource.

Suitable for newborn - 1 year old 

What you will get
Digital files for:
8 x black and white illustration

The images have been laid out with thoughtful consideration on A4 paper for efficient printing and reducing waste.



Terms & Cons
Not for commercial use. Not to be duplicated. All rights reserved.
The colours in your print may vary slightly from what you see on screen due to differences in the calibrations between computer monitors and printers.