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Note-buch is our ideal writing and drawing book. Filled with plain Book Paper perfect for writing, sketching and various kinds of thought process. 

Most notebooks tend to cover themselves up with fancy covers and graphics. We are trying to strip down a notebook to its most basic substance and bring out its utmost utilitarianism. 

If you enjoy journaling, scrapbooking or note-taking, you will probably like our washi sticker.

A5 (148x210mm)

Uncoated Book Paper 90gsm
Acid free Linen-feel backing paper 185gsm
Greyboard cover
Screw pins

Made in Indonesia

Our range of stationery goods is a family-owned sub-brand, produced in our boutique production house in Jakarta since 1990. There is nothing cool about it, just high quality work, passion in details and utilitarian design.