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Everyday Routine Cards

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Our best-selling Montessori-inspired routine cards set is an amazing tool to communicate and set expectations between parents and children. Set up your routines at home with these cards and allow your little ones to lead their everyday with your guide.

We have worked hard to make our product eco-conscious and put considerations in the end of life of our products. See below for guideline.

This product is uniquely designed and made in Victoria, Australia.

Suitable for age 3+

What you will get
1 x Morning routine board
1 x Afternoon routine board
1 x Evening routine board
24 x Routine cards
1 x Fabric bag to store your cards
Hook & loop dots

Boards 200x80mm
Routine cards 45x45mm

Printed on 100% post-consumer recycle thick cards with eco toner. We have intentionally make this product "uncoated" to allow it to return to earth. This also gives better tactility as children will touch the real feeling of paper instead of plastic.

End of life
Paper-based boards and cards are:
✨ Compostable in at least 6 weeks 
✨ Biodegradable
✨ Recyclable

Dispose hook & loop dots responsibly

Reuse the fabric bag