Visual Stimulation Library for Babies

I guess having a baby can be inspiring/not. Imagine you have to stay home all those times especially in the first few weeks! So I've been staying at home for some time... Occasionally going out once in a while in a few metres radius... 

In the quieter hours, I've been researching for things to do with a newborn when he's awake and wants to interact. Interesting thing is that a newborn engages more to black and white object or images (I've found him staring deeply at my black and white t-shirt...) or at least that's what they can see in the early stage and not those colours in the picture books!

So I've been drawing some B/W images for my little man to stare at when he's awake, which I hope can be useful to other new moms out there. They can be a great conversation starter with your newborn or simply something to keep them occupied. These images are made to be printed out on basic A4 printer so everyone can use it easily. I'm sharing a link where anyone can download the printable A4 images. If you have a newborn or know someone who does, please share! I'll be adding more images when my little man allows 

Full set of images can be downloaded here.