Tenggara Melbourne is Up on Youtube

For some reasons, I've started making some videos. One day during the isolation period, I was inspired to make stuff and I thought video would be one great medium to express my thoughts and channel my ideas. I'm thinking to do videos on digital journaling, virtual travel and some family-focused content too. 

This one was actually my second video I produced during isolation period, which is about places in Melbourne. These places would be where I would go to usually, but I guess in the current situation we tend to me a bit more careful and selective when going out. 

In this video, I featured two digital products from General Project, the first one is a calendar template which you can use in different ways. You can use it digitally and open it up in GoodNotes 5 like me or print it out. The second one is a digital sticker, which was created based on our original washi tape.

Either you are looking to use the products or not, I hope you enjoy the video.