Relevant Worksheet for 2020


Back again for another collaboration between our very own Young School initiative with those who are passionate in their profession. 

Our next collaboration is with Hadi Ismanto from New Media Folder, whom I've already known since before he's famous and successful (!). We somehow knew each other from our days at Whiteboard Journal, which was a million years ago and I remembered he mention to me that one day he will have his own media company. He lived up to his promise.

Hadi is one humble man who made his way up through the jungle of Jakarta/Indonesia media and journalism scene. You probably will know his work if you've seen Manual Jakarta, or his other works through MALT Studio and The Third Company. 

In this collaboration, Hadi has developed this really cool Buzz-word Search, which is so relevant for 2020! If you've got a little one, make sure they know what 2020 is all about and learn the jargons together. The worksheet can be downloaded from here