Mutual Hobby

Honestly, when I got a Penny skateboard a couple of weeks ago for my 30th birthday, I thought of 2 things:

1. I have found something that I've been missing

2. I must be in mid life crisis 🤣

After few weeks skating, I can confess that I enjoy it very much. It might actually be good because I'm very excited to take my little one to go out after work. It might become our mutual hobby. He's happy to be on his scooter and I can keep up with him with my black skateboard.

Mum and son at a skatepark

For some reason, I love exploring low fidelity tranportation method. I got my love child Tokyo Bike from a couple of years back. Now this skateboard, which I'm obsessed of. I can't actually wait until I become really good. I need to practice more!