Managing Expectation and Habits

Self-isolation has made me rather productive actually. Either it's because I'm spending less time commuting from home to work or I'm procrastinating or I'm just bored. I thought let's make this time a rather positive one and contribute something for my community. 

As my little one grows, I'm finding myself more drawn into creativity around children, education and play. I'm volunteering at my local toy library because I feel what they do aligns with what I believe in. A friend referred me to this article yesterday about how parenting can influence your creativity, which is so true. But interesting enough, I was always around education and children even far before I have a child. I don't understand yet actually why I'm always drawn to these causes but I'm sure I can do something in my journey.

Teaching children of our neighbourhood staff
Teaching children of our neighbourhood staff

On that note, I've been playing around with the idea of having routine cards in our household to manage expectations and communicate different messages. For a limited time, these printable cards will be available for free to support fellow parents during this uncertainties. We know children thrive around routines and expectation (I'm not the most discipline about routine myself), but I think there could be ways to do it better. If you are interested, you can find the cards here with the instructions on how to make them.

LATEST UPDATE (22/08/2020)!

I've iterated and improved our cards to be more environmentally friendly, which is why it is made with 100% post-consumer recycled thick cards. The new version of these cards are printed with eco-toner to ensure they're safe for your little ones and the environment. I simply love the tactility it brings to the everyday. They will come in a reusable fabric bag to store conveniently.

You can purchase Everyday Routine Cards here.