Alternative Baby Milestones Printable Cards

If you're like me, you probably are not really into what's available out there for baby milestones cards. Hence why I created something for people like you and me :)

These cards are made to be versatile, raw and simple. You can print them anyway you like. The file has been prepared in multiple different ways, which you will find all in the pack when you download them. There's a version where the cards are laid out on A4 paper, if you'd like to print the cards as squares (roughly 9.5x9.5cm). Or there's also a version of everything just as it is so you can print or scale them any way you like. Find the printables here.

Baby Milestones Cards Organic Line Illustration by General Object

These cards are perfect for your DIY photo props for your newborn and should be suitable for at least when they're 12 months old!

I've also included bonus content in the pack, to mark your little one's journey. Here are some of the samples of those milestones illustrations:

General Object Baby Milestones Cards First Solid FoodGeneral Object Baby Milestones Cards SparkGeneral Object Baby Milestones Cards Sleep Through
Enjoy the pack and let me know how you're using them by tagging @generalobject on Instagram!